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The President’s Leadership Program Emerging Leaders Day

Northwestern State University offers a unique opportunity for first-year students with strong leadership potential. The program is designed to promote active involvement in the campus community and provides opportunities for building personal skills. Students selected for the program will take a year-long leadership course and engage in a series of out-of-the-classroom activities. Students will improve and address skills in key areas of leadership, including service learning, change and innovation, reflection, collaboration, communication, conflict resolution, and multicultural awareness.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the President’s Leadership Program Class of 2021-2022, we invite you to join us for the PLP Emerging Leaders Day Interview. The program will run concurrently with the NSU Spring N-Side View Day events and is limited to high school seniors. Activities will include an experiential activities session, group interviews, and the opportunity to meet current student leaders.

Registration for this event will be available in January 2021.