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Alpha Lambda Delta

The National Honor Society for First-Year Success

Five smiling students pose surrounded by Mardi Gras decorations and an Alpha Delta Lambda banner.

Welcome to Alpha Lambda Delta

The purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta is to encourage superior academic attainment among students in their first year in institutions of higher education, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their unique roles in society.

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Alpha Lambda Delta was founded in 1924 by Maria Leonard, the Dean of Women at the University of Illinois, to recognize academic excellence among freshman women. The honor society soon became a national organization through the chartering of chapters at Purdue University in 1926, DePauw University in 1927, the University of Michigan in 1927, and at the University of Oklahoma in 1919. ALD operated as a single sex organization until the mid-1970s when we became coeducational in response to Title IX. Alpha Lambda Delta has continued to celebrate academic excellence among first-year students and has grown to over 280 chapter and has initiated over one million students.

Forest scene. Fifteen masked students pose in front of the Grady Nature Preserve entrance sign.

The Northwestern State University Chapter was established in 1965. On campus, members are actively engaged in all facets of the campus community. Members participate in campus and community service initiatives including the NSU Food Pantry, Campus Clean-Up, and the annual Halloween Carnival for faculty and staff. Signature programs and events for the chapter include:

  • Get Loud @ the Library
  • Scoops for Success Ice Cream Social
  • The Sophomore Breakfast Club
  • Pizza with the President
  • ALD Speaker Series
  • City of Lights Restaurant BINGO

Nicholas Cooksey

Jenna Pottmeyer
Vice President

Jacob Boyter

Emily Farmer

Allyson Roberts
Service Chair

Sha’Rron Brown
Faculty Liaison

Addison Duet
Scholarship Chair

Malaya White
Social Media Chair

Zoe Nelson
Public Relations Chair

Sarah Moore

Naje Turner

Leah Thompson
Wellness Chair

Ashley Eubanks
Junior Advisor

Reatha Cox
Chapter Advisor

Alpha Lambda Delta Officer Application

Please return the completed application to Reatha Cox, Chapter Advisor, Student Services Center Room 139.

DEADLINE: Completed applications must be submitted to Reatha Cox, Chapter Advisor, by Friday, March 4, 2022 by 8:30 a.m. The officer elections will be held at the chapter meeting Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

Alpha Lambda Delta Officer Application (PDF)

To become a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Enrolled full-time at Northwestern State University
  • Earned a 3.5 grade point average or higher your first semester or year

If you received an email with instructions to join online using MyHonorSociety (MHS) ALD’s membership management system, it is legitimate! Follow the prompts to accept membership and use the unique code you received in your invitation. Invited students will also receive an email invitation from the Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter Advisor.

If you feel you are eligible and did not receive an invitation, please contact the chapter advisor, Reatha Cox, Director of Student Affairs, at

How much does it cost to join Alpha Lambda Delta?

National lifetime membership dues are $55. The national dues of $30 cover the cost of your membership certificate and badge. The local dues of $25 is used for chapter operating expenses (mailings, refreshments, service projects, and chapter events). Members will never pay annual or semester dues.

Can I lose membership in Alpha Lambda Delta if my grades drop?

No. Although Alpha Lambda Delta encourages academic excellence throughout your collegiate career, once you have met the criteria for membership and have been initiated, your membership can not be taken away. All members, no matter the GPA at the time of graduation, can wear ALD regalia.

How much time commitment does Alpha Lambda Delta require?

None! Be as involved as you want to be in Alpha Lambda Delta. While we certainly encourage you to participate in chapter meetings, events, and service opportunities, there is no national requirement for activity in the chapter.

Who serves as the Chapter Advisor of Alpha Lambda Delta at NSU?

Reatha Cox, Director of Student Affairs,

When does Alpha Lambda Delta accept new members?

Invitations are sent in January and the induction ceremony is held in the spring semester. Students who meet the membership requirements may also be extended in the fall semester. First-year students must accept the membership invitation by the end of their first year.

We know paying for college can be difficult!

Alpha Lambda Delta offers more than $200,000 in scholarships and fellowships. Local chapters will hold a competition to determine one or more finalists to go on to the national scholarship competition. Eligibility requirements, application procedures, and frequently asked questions about ALD Scholarships can be found here.

Jo Anne J. Trow Undergraduate Scholarship

Alpha Lambda Delta offers 50 undergraduate scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $6,000 each. With over $105,000 awarded annually, ALD strives to assist members in completing their undergraduate degrees.

James G. Stemler Study Abroad Scholarship

Alpha Lambda Delta offers 20 study abroad scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $2,000. ALD invests $30, 000 annual to ensure our members studying abroad can have a life-changing experience.

Graduate Fellowships

Alpha Lambda Delta offers 26 Graduate Fellowships ranging from $2,000 to $7,000 designed to help offset graduate school costs. ALD funds $76,000 worth of Graduate Fellowships each year to help our members achieve their career goals.

NSU Scholarship Recipients

Grace Gosserand
Jo Anne Trow Scholarship – $6,000

Ashely Eubanks
Jo Anne Trow Scholarship – $3,000

Jessica Mullican, Katie Kennedy, and Sheridan Duet
Jessica Mullican
Jo Anne Trow Scholarship – $3,000

Katie Kennedy
Jo Anne Trow Scholarship – $1,000

Sheridan Duet
James G. Stemler Study Abroad Scholarship – $1,000

Jessica Mullican, Katie Kennedy, and Sheridan Duet
Elizabeth Coleman
Jo Anne Trow Scholarship – $3,000

Elizabeth Coleman
Madysen Watts
Jo Anne Trow Scholarship – $1,000

Madysen Watts
Mallory McConathy
Jo Anne Trow Scholarship – $3,000

Mallory McConathy

National Awards and Recognition

Each year, Alpha Lambda Delta recognizes individual chapters with various honors that represent the hard-work and achievements throughout the academic year. The Alpha, Lambda and Delta awards are presented for significant increases in membership. The Order of the Torch is the annual award for the most outstanding chapters of Alpha Lambda Delta in the nation. Chapters are eligible to receive the distinction every four years. Maintaining the Flame is presented to chapters who have continued to excel in programming, activities, and service. Below is the history for the presentation of these awards to the NSU Chapter.

Delta Silver Award – 2017

Delta Silver Award – 2016

Student Member-at-Large – Mallory McConathy 2016 – 2019

Service Events and Opportunities

Pitchforks for Pencils
Gives students the opportunity to give back to the Natchitoches community by donating back-to-school supplies to local children.

Students hold a cardboard box and NSU Demon cutout in front of the Welcome to Natchitoches Central mural.

Service Kick-Off
Members participated in the fall kick-off event to serve the NSU and Natchitoches communities.

Hurricane Laura Relief Drive
ALD was a major sponsor of the Demon Cowboy Collection, aiding those impacted by the storm.

Three mask-wearing students arrange paper towels, toilet paper, and disposable plates.
Three students pose in a warehouse in front of tables stacked with food, toiletries, and other hurricane supplies.

NSU Food Pantry
Members volunteer at the Food Pantry and donate much needed items to ensure the adequate supply of access to healthy food options for students in need.

A smiling young woman places cans on a shelf while sitting on the floor.
Treats for Troops
ALD joined other student organizations on campus to provide treats for our troops and their families.

Veterans Appreciation
ALD donated 100 gift bags with socks, toiletry items and game books to the Northwest Louisiana Veterans Home.

Student Union Courtyard Cleanup
ALD does our part in helping keep the campus beautiful by adopting the courtyard.

ALD Leads Certified

ALD Leads Certified is an online leadership and career development series offering 12 courses that cover essential competencies for the 21st century. Participating in ALD Leads Certified will help you set yourself apart and jumpstart your journey for career preparedness and success. Each course includes a popular leadership speaker. Successfully complete 10 out of 12 self-paced courses and receive a nationally recognized ALD Leads Certificate/Leads 365 Certificate of Completion. Average individual course length is approximately 45 minutes.

For more information and to sign up: